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Jayona. Young, Beautiful , Wealthy, And Smart. Teachers See Her As A Sweetheart But Everyone Else Catches Hell. Can Be Low Down Depending On The Situations But Other Times Nice, Giving, And Caring . Jayona Loves Boys But Pulls Both . Jayona Has Many Friends And Many Hoes. But That Does Not Affect Her. Jayona Is Multi Talented . And Will Probably Be Rich Off Her Beautiful Vocals
You Know That Girl Jayona They Were Talking About ?
by SavageSnakeKing September 02, 2017
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She's most defiantly that bitch ! She's smart , pretty , has a nice body , has nice hair. She'll fight any bitch so don't try her. She's nice and funny. She has hoes but doesn't even give them the time of day.
by BestDressedOverDressed February 12, 2018
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