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Jaylee is the most beautiful person you'll ever meet. She has a bubbly outgoing personality, but she's also rather insecure. Jaylee is loud at times, so when shes quiet, you know somethings wrong. I recommend you don't mess with Jaylee, she may seem kind of gentle, but shes not afraid to break some bones if she has too. If you have a Jaylee in your life, you're a very lucky person. Don't let go of Jaylee. Shes a keeper(;
Person 1: See her over there?

Person 2: Yeah whats her name!? Shes gorgeous!
Person 1: Her names Jaylee, isn't she beautiful?
by Thebae99 September 12, 2014
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Jaylee is very beautiful, and drop dead gorgeous. She's always making people laugh and has an amazing personality, note that she's a keeper. Jaylee is the person you want to go to when your feeling down and she reallys puts up a real fight, but you don't want to mess with Jaylee she may seem sweet and shy but be careful once you hurt someone she loves , she's not scared to go up to you and confront you about it. She also is a lover of animals, she's nice and smart but once you get to know her you won't regret it she gives people a reason to slap the table and laugh for hours, she may seem unusually not "normal", she believes in things that are so amazing and out of this world. But man she's unique!!! Very sexy and don't take no one's bull s**t, but let me remind you not mess with her or you'll end up in the E.R or have some kind of surgery to pop a bone back in to place.
She's very loud and crazy but soooo pretty
"Did you see her"
"Yup she's hallarious right?"
"Dawwmm shes hot"
Yup that's a Jaylee alright
by Dragon.Slayer3609 February 13, 2017
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fun , loud , smart , funny, crazy , goofy , weird , short , annnnd JAYLEE !
Jaylee is amazing .
by chickadee123 February 05, 2012
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Jaylee is a gorgeous girl who is shy when she does not know someone very well but when she's with her friends or family she's loud and herself, i would recommend not getting on Jaylee's bad side she will not hesitate to break some bones or make someone take a trip to the emergency center, she is very funny, has beautiful eyes and a sparkling smile, she does not find it easy to make friends but she doesn't need to as everyone asks her to be her friend and hold onto Jaylee, don't let her go because she's a keeper(;
"Have you seen that new girl she's GORGEOUS"
"Yeah i know her names Jaylee"

"Omg Jaylee just gets more popular every day"
"Yeah she's only been here for 2 days and literally everyone is following her around"
"I wish i was her soooo bad"
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by Flexlee2222 August 02, 2018
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The name given by fans and fan fiction writers to the romantic 'ship' (relationship) between Jayne Cobb and Kaylee Fry from TV show Firefly and Movie Serenity.
I'm a Jaylee Shipper.
by Wiccy July 22, 2006
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If you have a Jaylee in your life, shes a keeper💗 She can be loud at times and annoying but thats how you kno she loves you❤ jaylee likes to talk, so when shes quiet theirs something wrong😴 She doesnt cry really❗unless somem really hurted her little heart💓 Shes a baddie and prolly is known for smoking and fighting with others😈✌ She has alot of girl best friends ... But has more guy best friends 💯Shes curvy and is cute asf😍❤
Guy 1: You know this girl named Jaylee?
Guy 2: Yeah ima make her mine 💍😌 she hella fine bruhhh
Guy 1: Nawh ima make her mine 😈
Guy 2: Ill smash first tho💀😂👋
by Baddie 😈😌💍 October 23, 2018
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