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Arguably one of the most beautiful porn stars in the industry, Jayden James is the full package. Brunette, thick but not fat by ANY means, nice, succulent breasts, and an immaculately crafted butt, there are literally NO flaws in her physical appearance. Jayden James gained popularity when she starred in an episode of MTV's "True Life: I'm addicted to porn", where she tried to find more respectable jobs. However, she later realized just what the fuck she was doing, and continued pursuing her career as an adult actress.
Jayden James (Pornographic Actress) is one of the hottest pornstars in the industry. Just look at one of her videos from xvideos or pornhub. Go on, I'll wait....... WHAT DID I TELL YOU? Is she not the most beautiful actress or what???
by Porn Star Expert Reborn January 11, 2013
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