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AKA the game

Claimed him and 50 cent were beefing, but really knows that when they were talking shit on their own CD's about the other that it just made them hot and horny for each other and that they missed each other. I'd still rather listen to the game than 50 cent but they're both equally as gay.

He's someone who flipped sides (used to be a crip, used to be GOOD back then) but was turned blood by his brother Big Fase 100 as a survival technique... "better to die like a man than survive like a punk" I say.

The thing that separates him from Curtis Jackson was he really did get shot 5 times repeatedly. 50 cent got shot 23 times over the course of 9 different occasions, but I'm talking about Kelvin Martin when I say that. Curtis Jackson is a fake who stole a name he heard about to get him instant respect/fear in the game.
Jayceon Taylor truly is the game. He played you all with the 50/game beef
by Raw Doggy May 13, 2010
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the sickest rapper (aka the Game) to ever set foot on the earth since B.I.G RIP.
The Game, Jayceon Taylor, could kick 50 cents ass anyday of the week.
by GGGGG-UNOT July 11, 2006
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