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Jay Styles Entertainment is an R&B band started by Jay Styles, also known as Tanvir 'Jay Styles' Shagar. Currently, Jay Styles Entertainment, or Jay Styles Ent., has 17 demos which they have released from New York City. Jay Styles (Tanvir) has recently dropped all old members of Jay Styles and renewed the group with only 4 members, whereas before he had 36. The "New and improved" Jay Styles Ent. is currently working on their first demo CD, predicted to hit the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan in late 2007. Find more information and download their music from the official website of Jay Styles Ent. at
Group Members:
Tanvir 'Jay Styles' Shagar Jay Styles is the founder of Jay Styles Ent. and is the groups only producer. Jay Styles discovered his passion when he was eight years old, the same year he released his first demo with the help of Roger Steinbeck. Although he was skilled, at eight years old his parents were hesitant of his hobbies. At high school, Jay Styles rediscovered his talent. In two short months, this aspiring artist put together a very talented group containing 36 artists, both singers and rappers. Jay Styles, for unknown reasons, dismissed all 36 members of Jay Styles Ent., and soon re-newed his group with only 4 members (including himself) in hopes of perfection. Currently, Jay Styles is working with the rest of his group in order to put together new demo's to release. With an outstanding reputation in the entire industry of underground music, it's only a matter of time before Jay Styles leads all of Jay Styles Ent. into success in the entertainment business.
Marvin 'RhyM' Georges:
Marvin Georges is a singer currently working with Jay Styles Ent. Marvin started singing in junior high where he, along with many others, discovered that he had talent. He never gave it any serious thought but still performed for amusement. Marvin began to really focus on singing when his friend, the founder of Jay Styles Entertainment, asked him to join his group. Marvin has always liked singing and he was happy he had the opportunity to take it to the next level. Although he loves to sing, he hasn't always been about singing, infact, he wants to become a computer technician someday. Aside from that, he hopes for great success in the entertainment industry.
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by Jhon Smith shnedshimer February 22, 2007
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