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1. A sexual act of giving a blowy that resembles the motions of a jack hammer. A nude male leans back, resting his hands on the back of his head, rustling his fingers through his fine mane of hair, sending an open invitation to his female companion (or slam piece) to get to work. The female then crouches down like a tiger and forms her mouth into a perfect circle, licking her lips as she does so. She makes a quick, vertical drop, encompassing her mouth around the male's shaft with such ease. She begins moving so fast that smoke begins to appear from the rod, accompanied by the man's moans and screams, telling her to stop. Her movements then becomes involuntary and she cannot stop. Her jaw cramps and becomes locked on the penis. This is where the jaws of life come in handy, this being a household appliance, such as tongs or scissors to pry the mouth off. If a man wishes to avoid the jaws of life situation entirely, he will violently punch the girls face multiple times to knock her head off his wanker before he begins to chafe.
Ex. Zach: Yo Lauren, get on your dirty knees and give me a jaw hammer.
Lauren: Zach, you know what happened last time I gave you one. Your penis is still half-covered in band-aids!!
Zach: Bitch, I don't care!! *Grabs her head and forces her into submission. 2 minutes later, a scream is heard and the smoke alarms go off. They burn alive.*
by dzgilbreath June 11, 2012
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