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When a player in Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 2, runs around with Commando, Lightweight, and Marathon, (lightweight can be replaced by danger close somtimes.) and pulls out a semtex or throwing knive, then hits Y before throwing it, and thus the glitch is active.
random fruit cake:Dude run the Javelin glitcher nooblet is chasing us!

other nooblet: OMG stun him or somthing!

other other other nooblet h4x3rz: l0l! im chasing two noobs on the other team with my javelin lol! im not even glitching.
by PTRS Noob December 07, 2009
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What a bunch of fucking noobs do in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It involves putting on danger close, marathon, and commando and running around and knifing. However, before going 'knifing', the prick (another term for javelin glitcher) cooks a Semtex, and without letting go of RB (or if you have no freinds and play ps3 R1) they hit Y and switch to the javelin. Somehow, this makes them just explode when you kill them. Needless to say, it is extremely frustrating and chances are it has accounted for many dollars in propert damage (ie. broken controllers).
Guy 1: dude what the fuck? I just shot this kid and I blew up?! What?

Guy 2: oh that's the javelin glitch. Don't worry, they will patch it soon and then all the kids who can't get kills will be hopeless.
by Artaxias December 09, 2009
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