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This is a term used by computer programmers to refer to another programmer who is an elite perfectionist who knows everything about the Java programming language and can do nearly anything using the Java programming language.
Kieran: I wonder if it's possible to teach a computer to love.
Nathan: I bet Scott could do it. After all, he's a complete Java Nazi.
by Inva Derbo Ots October 02, 2006
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A derogatory term for those who prefer the Java programming language over C++. Mostly used by C++ programmers, since C, Lisp, and perl fans are not engaged in a direct holy war with Java programmers (Lisp is rivaled by perl, and C is rivaled by assembly).
Sam: "Oh shit. Valgrind says I have 600 megabytes of memory leaks."

Jacob: "Memory leaks? Oh right, C++ doesn't have garbage collection. Why don't you use a REAL language?"

Sam: "Shut up, Java nazi!"
by bytbox September 27, 2009
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