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The genetic reaction that occurs when a Jewish man or woman has a a child with a follower of the Nazi faith. Creating a personality that can only be hated due to common genetic confusion. Said Jautzee simple doesn't know which faith to follow. That of the Jewish religion, or that of the Nazi faith. When all people widely know that Nazi's were the enemy of any Jewish man or woman during the holocaust. Mixing these two personas simple creates chaos in the brain, which results in creating a child that will be a crazy bitch, that you simple will hate.
1.) Person 1: Dude, you'r moms a bitch.
Person 2:Yeah, She's kind of a Jautzee

2.)Teacher: QUITE DOWN! You will be assigned 20 pages of reading tonight!
Student 1: Woah, what her problem?

Student 2:I bet she's a Jautzee..
by TheDezPez December 15, 2010
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