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A Japanese Classic car. A Japanese model of car that has, over time, become renowned or famous for one reason or another. Usually only applies to historic cars, but one can apply it to any new car with legendary status
The Toyota 2000GT is regarded by some as one of Japan's first collectible cars. A true Jassic.

Due to the popularity and fame of its ancestry, the new R35 skyline is no doubt a Jassic in the making.
by the_zed_ex March 21, 2010
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a word that means "freaking awesome" and if someone calls you this you should be very thankful, and greet them with a hardy handshake. This word was founded in the deep parts of hick town by two brothers named TIMMOTHY and CHRISTOPHER. Two of the coolest people who have ever walked the face of the earth, and also neptune. so dont mess.
"that's so jassic," said the unemployed hobo.
by falis navi da March 16, 2007
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