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Jass Bats is a famous teenage Russian scene queen who has mostly got famous for her blue hair and flawless look. Her real name is Dasha and she claims to be the person who invented blue hair.

Even though Jass Bats might seem nice, there have been a lot of times when people would say a slightly negative comment about her, or question if her hair is photoshopped,- these people got a bitchy comment back and got blocked instantly.
Jass says that she is naturally very skinny, her hair color is real and the tattoos she has are real too. But the truth is said by the people who actually known her in real life and they say that she doesn't even look close in real life to how she looks in pictures. The tattoo she has on her arm is fake, the hair color is way less bright and she puts tons of photoshop on her pictures before uploading them online.
There are a lot of pictures where you can easily notice the obvious photoshop on the pictures.
She pretty much got famous because she was one of the first most bright scene girls from russia but now she is loosing her popularity and gaining aa lot of haters for lying and being overconfident.
xxx: Oh, it's Jass Bats' picture! That girl is so sweet!
yyy: Yeah. Except I got a shitload of swears from her for asking if she uses photoshop on her pictures.
by boomwhack January 02, 2010
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