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A no talent former NBA player who got a phone call from the president after announcing his homosexuality. Also dated a girl for nearly 7 years and dumped her on the day of the engagement.(after possibly infecting her with hiv)
That Jason Collins probably got AIDs from his gay lifestyle

I wonder why he suddenly came out of the closet AFTER he got kicked out of the NBA for his poor performance?
by Not Another 1 July 14, 2013
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A 3 inch or shorter (When Erect) pencil shaped dick.
"When I finally went down on Darren, I was disappointed to find he has a JasonCollins."

"Its short, but its thin!"
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Someone who is depressed and gets attached very easily to girls he starts dating and avoids hanging out with his friends. Most likely leads to moving in with the girl too early and a quick engagement.
Man, Steve just lost his virginity and now he's a regular Jason Collins.
by miked202 February 14, 2011
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