The name of a prodigious actor and former skateboarder who played roles in several awesome Kevin Smith films.
Also was Earl Hickey in "My Name Is Earl."

Made headlines when he named his child "Pilot Inspektor." Also a Scientologist, which means he is probably a douche.
Guy 1: I love Jason Lee! He is a great actor and used to be a siick skateboarder!!!
Guy 2: Dude, he's a scientologist.
Guy 1: I hate Jason Lee.
by -J.L.- March 1, 2010
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A big and bulky guy who you might think is fat but your wrong all of that is muscle an when you think your strong think again
Man 1: yuck that guys fat

Man 2: I think that’s muscle

A Jason Lee is a great defense
by Buttman8829292 666 February 20, 2018
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A boring school where all the cucks and plebs go to talk about boring drama act cool and do drugs at. The principle doesn’t know what he’s doing and the teachers are the same. The teachers are retarded butt fucks and do jack. All the kids do is act cool and pretend like they have “clout”. If your trying to smash some dumb blonde, Jason lee is the place to go.
Person 1:“Do you go to Jason lee middle school?”
Person 2:“Yea, all I do is wear clout goggles and play fortnite”
Person 1:“Dank”
by BDEATHPUNCH March 21, 2018
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