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When normal "doing" isn't enough for the task, do it as if you wereJason Voorhees, an unflinching, undying, unbreaking fictional horror character whose story was so ever popular that it spawned countless sequels, spin offs, and cross overs and inundated itself into modern horror legend. To Jason Do it is to perform your task with such inhuman determination that you will conquer your challenge despite minor obstacles such as life, death, resurrection, time travel, stabbing, maiming, impalation, drowning, dismemberment, illness, coma, terrible sequels, halitosis, and perhaps a horribly disfigured face.
I have a huge final tomorrow morning for my hardest class worth 50% of my grade and I haven't studied at all. Let's Jason Do it.
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by The Duck of Longford January 19, 2018
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