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Jason Caccaro is a man who comes from an Italian background, is a master chef, and loves women (in kitchens). He is not like any normal Jason, in fact he is completely unique in every way possible. If you get the lucky chance to meet a man with the name Jason Caccaro, then you should marry him ASAP. He is especially loving, caring, sensitive, thoughtful, a great listener and excellent story teller, and his humour is brilliant. There is never a dull moment when around Jason Caccaro and you will learn something new about yourself every day by simply exchanging a few words with this spectacular person. If you ever get the chance to be comfortable around him, and if you are lucky enough for him to be just as comfortable as you are, you may get the chance to hear his legendary comfy noises to which are the equivalent to God speaking Himself. Never turn down the opportunity to talk to this man, Jason Caccaro can change your life within a matter of minutes.
"Have you met Jason Caccaro yet?"
"No, who is he?"
"He's only the greatest person ever; go look on Urban Dictionary."
by samnus December 06, 2012
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