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Jarimia is a very sweet, kind, and caring person. He is usually very tall sometimes with chocolate brown eyes and curly hair. Jarimia will always worry about how your life is going and will always be there for you. Jarimia is an amazing person who will always manage to make you laugh and smile even when your feeling down. He will be awkward and not the brightest person at times but has a very big heart that will always over shine any flaws. If you are friends with a Jarimia never let that relationship go because if you do you will realize how much you just lost. Jarimia is the best person to talk to and will always be all ears to listen to rants. He is great at keeping secrets and will make you feel like you are worth more than anything. If a Jarimia likes you, consider yourself lucky because he will be the best thing that has ever happened to you. He is an amazing person and yes he will be upset if you dont like him back but will not be a jurk about it. And if youve had a friendship before he will do anything to keep it. If a Jarimia cares about you he will always talk to you and make you feel needed. He will go to you for anything and you will have his full trust. He will always give you good advice and help you get through any situation. Jarimia is the exact example of love and will not only love you, but give you the example of it as well.
I love you Jarimia.❤
by Quortex December 15, 2018
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