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A sweet, funny and flirty type of guy who can ALWAYZ make you laugh. Hes athletic and SEXAY!!!! He knows how to treat a girl right in a sweet and seductive way. He likes his girlz honest, pretty and slim. Hes tall and has hazel brown eyes, light skinned and has curly brown hair. This iz the type of guy u will LUVVVVV 4EVAAAAA!!! I luv u cuddles!!!!! <3
Girl 1: Who ya textin?

Girl 2: Jarhed :)

Girl 1: ooooo gurrrrrl you mean the one with da hazel brown eyes?! :D

Girl 2: ahaaaa :) yaaaaa

Girl 1: lemme see your phone!

Girl 2: NO! i met jarhed first <3

Girl 1: -_-
by Mz. South Carolina November 19, 2010
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