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Someone who is simply amazing. They'll pick your world up, shake it around, and set it back down somewhere new -- always somewhere better than where you were before. They're kind and sweet and they've got a cutie little smile. They're not afraid to share their opinions, but they don't like participating in conflict, so they're pretty good with picking their battles. They have an open mind and an open heart. They don't like judging books by their covers, and they always read as far into each book as they can before they decide to accept or reject it. They're precious as all hell and easy to want to love and care for. They're extremely talented, but they'll never accept that fact, no matter how much they're told. In short, as stated previously, Jeremey is simply amazing.
Wow, Jaremey was just so cute today. But they again, Jaremey is always cute.
by battycore October 07, 2012
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