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A teenager from UK who is a massive fan of pop artists, including Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, and Ke$ha. He has covered several of their, with the effects on the viewers including nausea, migraines, and HIV. He has also made a video "declaring war" on all Justin Bieber fans, which he has removed from Youtube. He also makes multiple false threats, saying that he will hack the trolls who mess with him. Also, when in a tinychat with /b/, he faked hanging himself in front of all the trolls to see by putting a belt around his neck and placing it on his bunk bed. The number of hate he has received has soared recently since the Facebook character Brock Obama and his fans have joined the war against Jared, and Brock was even able to have a private conversation with Jared himself. Jared then continued to tell him that since Pop music is culture, we must embrace it, and he called Brock several derogatory terms, including "slave" and "nigger", and he threatened to kill Brock, his family, and all 110,000+ of his fans. As revenge, he posted the entire conversation to his fan page, and it is also on Encyclopedia Dramatica. He has also said he has been given permission by the "FBI" (even though he lives in the UK) "CIA" and "Secret Services" in Europe, Asia, Australia, and America to leak the haters' personal information, and he also threatens to kill Justin Bieber haters as always. Ironically, his personal information has spread around the internet instead of his.
Jared Milton is clearly deserving of trolling, after all, what response can you possibly get from declaring war on those who hate the single most hated pop star of all time?
by Lord Kickass July 10, 2011
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