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a dumbass idiot who brakes your heart a zillion times. he has cheated on gf's before and only wants to date a girl for sex, which is why he dumped a certian strawberry blonde even though he promised he'd wait forever for her. he made out with her best friend, then dated her, and still had the (non-existant) ballz to brake up with her by making the lame excuse that they never see eachother! WTF! he is an ass who makes girls fall in love with him but never returns the passion a girl could give him. he makes girls cry their hearts out and seriously needs to man-up instead of telling lies... plus if you really wanna piss his pussy ass off, just call him gay. dont be fooled by him if he acts so sensitive or tells you some special secrets, he is a fucking jerk who never will take the time to care about you or any one else except if he's horny with a pathetic boner and feels like having sex even thought his dick will never be big enough to sattisfy any one but drag queen cross-dressers
Jared Michael Grossi
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