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A sexual position of controlled thrusting, such as while pressed against a wall, whereupon the man is able to paint the fingernails of his partner for mutual sexual pleasure and a great manicure.
I was cruising round Little Venice, when an ombre-hued hunk with piercing blue eyes and lashings of black eyeliner approached me. I immediately took him back to my boiler cupboard and disrobed. He spun me around and pinned me to the wall; I spread my legs, he plunged inside me. He stood still, and produced a riding crop. With one sharp smack to my buttock, he yelled "Yeehaa", and I was on my way. As I was thrusting against his rigid rod, I saw him reach for my 219 Black Satin Chanel nail polish. He uncapped it slowly, and teased open the lid. Beginning with my left hand, he proceeded to stroke the brush against my bare nail, several times. To my immediate arousal, I saw he too was wearing 219 Black Satin Chanel nail polish.

After he had finished the first hand, I felt a sharp smack on my other buttock, whereupon he exalted another "Yeehaa", while proceeding with a whip and dip. He then started on my right hand, my fingers trembling as I continued to thrust; yet I contained my excitement. As he delicately coloured my nails one by one, I thrust harder, and faster. Finally, he reached my pinkie finger, and with the final stroke we both let out a loud "Yeehaa" and collapsed in a heap, satiated and manicured.

- Oh my god, you wont believe what I got up to last night, I met this super hot guy and he Jared Leto'd me.
by Little Venice January 28, 2014
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