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A red headed man/boy, also refered to many times as a "GINGER". He is known as the guy who does not shut his mouth when he needs to. A Jaratt is one who goes after the black species. A Jaratt gets erections easily from large black women. A Jaratt likes to have a good time, but sometimes takes too much of the attention. It is impossible for a Jaratt to get an erection from white girls. The dick usually gets limp on contact. A Jarrat loves to listen to "Lets get it on" and suck on black womens toes.
"My dick just went limp.. uh oh you just suffered a Jaratt"
by talltree99 February 03, 2010
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A ginger, red headed man whore. Known for trying to fit into groups of large black men. A jaratt is also another a word used for a huge black cock. One who will continue to say "you know what? Alright! You know what? Alright! Excuse me?" The spawn of satan. Tries to get too much attention. A Jaratt can't stand not being the center of attention. A Jaratt loves to ruin good things for other people. He is one of the lowest and rudest and meanest and attention hogs and long talkers around. A Jaratt can talk and talk and talk and never shut the hell up.
"I got rocked by that black man last night he had a jaratt!"
by Sexydoglover69 February 03, 2010
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