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Jaqueenie is a unique name that you would probably never heard or maybe barely heard about. Jaqueenie is a very strong and tough in every situation but that doesnt mean she is always strong enough to handle the pain. She is beautiful and had such beautiful heart , people may seem her as a bad person but not until you know this Jaqueenie very well.Jaqueenie loves to handle to on her own and her intelligence is very high , not to clever and not to dumb , she is average.A type of person who easily fall in love and hard to let go of the person who they love.If you ever meet Jaqueenie dont let het go.Jaqueenie is also a good friend to be with as she is loyal.Just dont make her pissed off or she will haunt you for the rest of your life
You are so intelligence ! you must be a Jaqueenie !
by Andrea Diego April 23, 2018
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