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refers to goods of Japanese quality at 99%-class-friendly price, like those sold at one-coin stores, you can live with.


2011 3.11 Tohoku earthquake of M9 and max. 10m high 1000km wide tsunami waves (reached 40.1 m above sea level in Sanriku seashores) seriously affected Hokkaido and Northern half of Honshu (lt. mainland) down to Tokyo area (comparative to the whole England and Wales) which World Bank ranked the worst natural disaster in the human history (next to 1995 Great Hanshin earthquake), not to mention still unrecovered aftermaths of radiation from Fukushima Daiichi Nuke plant explosion.

* Until March 10, 2016, confirmed casualities and missings totaled to 18,455, among over 400 thousands refugees 174,471 are still away from home, tera-tons of radioactive soil heaps remain unsolved, estimated rebuilding cost is rising over ¥10 trillion.
"Jappa" is Tohoku (lt. northeastern) Ben (Japanese: dialect, use) for "zappa (雑把 lt. roughly grabbed)"
"Jappa jiru", traditional soup/stew of potluck kind in Tohoku, served as rescue rations in the aftermath of 2011 3.11 Tohoku earthquake, became nation-wide popular "B-kyu menu" (B class Quick recipes), bento (original meaning is 'convenience use') item.
So Jappa-needs goods qualifies survival standards for Japanesenpeople.

"Japan (lacquered) wares can float over tsunami waves, do not crash or sink like China wares, but 2 expensive in Kansas. Jappa-needs bowls i bought at 100-yen ケ-mart netshop r handy, can zap natto-mucins just leaving em sinkin."
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by 💾ReallyTbytes📺 October 30, 2016
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