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The art of unloading a steaming pile of loose stool onto the chest of your partner. Similar to other fecal sex acts such as the Cleveland steamer, the Japanese Soft Serve is distinguished by the decorative swirl at the top of the wet mound. Accomplished by means of a quick and succinct circular hip rotation with a strong finishing clench, more experience users are able to reproduce various intricate designs. Equated with the art of Bonsai trimming, many followers find a deep and zen-like connection to their art. An erotic delicacy in many Asian and South Asian cultures, the high fiber nature of the popular rice and grain based diet creates optimal conditions for the viscous discharge needed to consummate the dirty deed.
Bro, that Japanese Soft Serve we saw last night was inspiring...

Yeah Bro...
by ZeDairyFairy February 02, 2011
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