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Janl (pronounced; Ja - nel) is an portmanteau word without the blend of another word and subsequently a nonce word. It was created as part of unpop culture in the late 1930's to describe someone (or something) being in a state of incredible awesomeness to the point were it is physically felt by surrounding people. Although with a natural ingrained ability to just be awesome was naturally rejected by society at the time so 'Janl's' were accused of achieving awesomeness by unethical means, hence the colloquial definition for Janl arose:

Janl: A mysterious substance to by which after consumption is the only explanation to why someone is awesome.
Dude: "Dude! That guy's gotta be on Janl! A guy that good looking with awesome style could not possible exist otherwise!"
by ScoopDawg June 04, 2010
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