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A pompous, arrogant and self-absorbed idiot who thinks he is the shit.
Jamous: I'm the shit.

Dude Bro Dude: Nah. Anyways, sit down, have a drink.

Jamous: Nah, I have imaginary parties with heavy Christian overtones to go to. What you doing tonight?

Yo Dude Bro, Bro Dude: Not hanging out with you.

Jamous: Don't worry, I can get you in.
by AllThatWeight September 26, 2009
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The most rad person around. He is loved by, and loves everyone. You never see him with out his CREW.
Jamous: What's kicking?

Kevin: Not much bro, sit down have a drink.

Jamous: No, sorry I can't. I got parties to go to. You doing anything?

Kevin: No.

Jamous: I know some people. Come with me, I can get you in.
by allthatwait June 01, 2009
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