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A strong woman's name, Jameslee is usually one who is short with blonde hair, big tits, and a tight pussy. The best lover any man would want in bed, she is naughty kinky and an all around love making machine.Jameslee is best in the bedroom and in the kitchen.Jameslee would make the best wife in the world, because although she is a sexual goddess ( whore in the bedroom) and can fulfill a mans each and every desire and need, she is a lady in public. She is loyal in each and every way, but do not cross her because she has an emotion shut off switch that can turn on and off.if she loves you she will be your best friend in the entire world, if you are her enemy she won't even give you two minutes of her time. Jameslee is is the best woman you could have in your life, she is the best lover,friend,mother,wife,sister,neighbor,ect. And is a very spiritual person who loves god believing that everything happens for a reason.
Damn did you see Jameslee I'd marry that woman.
She's so sexy I'd be her man any day.
Did you see Jameslee she's one hot milf.
by Phatpatover9000 June 21, 2013
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A hairy ogre who thinks going to Augsburg College and playing baseball there is impressive. You’re not gonna make it to the MLB, you’re not good enough to make it. Also posts stupid ass Snapchat stories that involve “I’ve returned home” even though he goes to school in St. Paul and loves in West Saint Paul or “Canes keeps me going” even though he is already overweight.
Damn I️ wish I️ was as cool as James Lee, said no one ever.
by Johnnylong6996 January 21, 2018
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