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James Roday is the extremely hot star of Psych on the USA network.
Kimberly: James Roday defines "hot"
Izzy: Wrong, hot doesn't define James Roday at all, If you open a dictionary you can't find the word "hot" in there, all you see is the words "James Roday" in it's place.
by Izzette May 16, 2008
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"James David Rodríguez" or best known as "James Roday" is the 32 year old star of USA Networks hit show "Psych", he plays "Shawn Spencer" a fake psychic but in reality in the show is a pretty good detective relying on photographic memory to solve cases in Santa Barbara, California. Other lead credits include "Repli-kate" and "Dukes of Hazzard". He has appeared in 15 things overall. 13 movies and 2 television shows. In his personal life he has a bachelor's degree in fine arts from New York University's Experimental Theatre Wing and also is a co-artistic director of "RED DOG SQUADRON" a non-profit theatre in Los Angeles, California that he co-found with "Brad Raider". He is also the son of "Jim Rodrígues" who works for "Boardwalk Auto Group". He is currently dating "Maggie Lawson" a co-star on "Psych", and too most peoples knowledge is currently living in Canada as he has been spotted there for filmings of the show "Psych".

He was nominated for Best Actor in a series, comedy or muscial for "Psych" by the "Satellite Awards", He was also included in People Magazine's "100 most beautiful people" issue in 2007.
1. James Roday is an awesome actor
by Izzette May 18, 2008
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