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Diabetic disease reddened man child, frequently can be identified by lesbian qualities (shaggy long hair brown or blond, brown glazed over eyes, bulging lumps covering eyelids and often a drawly somewhat lazy attitude towards work). James Herbert’s frequently attempt to leach of the economy through the use of false claims to disability sympathy money. Often these types of people excel in games, most notably fighting games and MMORPG’s due to their underdeveloped brain providing great focus when taking part in such activities. Overall, having a James Herbert in your group of friends, allowing you to spark witty jokes about their abusive past as well as day today crippling depression they experience from being a sub human. Personally, I love having a James Herbert close by and would definitely recommend getting one to a friend. 10/10, would Jum again.
Friend 1: Man I've had a really shit day today.
Friend 2: Well, I am sure it was better than being diabetic an unable to wipe your own arse as you run out of breath.
Friend 1: Ha ha ha, don't James Herbert me
by Abobous August 02, 2017
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