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The name X-Men's Wolverine's birth name. Although he appears to be in his mid to late 30s, he was actually born in the 1800s due to his mutant healing ability as well as having bone claws. In his youth, He befriended a child with the same mutant powers by the name of Victor Creed, who later became known as Sabretooth. when he found out that Victor's father was also his, both Victor and James ran away from home and joined special forces that were in every war from that point, until James left the squad

six years later, Victor went on a mutant under his old commander Colonel Stryker, for a weapon 11 project.
he looked for James and supposedly killed James' girlfriend and snapped his bone claws. James woke up and Colonel Stryker was in front of him saying that Victor is hunting him too. so he made a proposition and promised two things.

1. he will go through more pain than he has ever been through

2. he will get the tools kill creed

after that, James had a rare metal called adamantium infused with his bones. in the lab, he was known as Weapon X . After he left the Weapon X facility, he became known as either Logan or Wolverine.

Longer story short, he lost all his memory from an adamantium bullet to the skull.
Wolverine was once known as James "Logan" Howlett, the brother of Victor Creed. AKA Sabretooth
by rain1987 December 08, 2009
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