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A.K.A Fathead

If you come across one of these your in for a treat as James is one of the most interesting people you can meet. His head for starters is his main asset. Being about the size of a pumpkin or watermelon. He has a constant foul stench about him which consists on cigarettes blended with pizza to give off a most foul aroma that would make any man gasp for air. His hair is an entity of its own, being so greasy and foul that water seems to just flow off it leaving it perfectly dry. His skills with the opposite sex are below par as he doesn't know how to break off a relationship and only sticks with it for the pussy.
Guy: "Man my hair is so smelly and dirty cause i forgot to wash it yesterday."

Guy 2: "So your going for the James Lucas look are you?"
by Anonymous April 19, 2005
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