A boy who looks like a small piece of poop that would come out of a baby's butt into a diaper. Usually smells like play doh and has a weirdly shaped torso. Kind of resembles a grasshopper in a way and is kind of stupid.
girl 1: dude that guy looks exactly like my baby brothers poop that I cleaned last night

girl 2: oh that must be James Anderson
by ninacapa December 11, 2019
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when you piss off of a school roof into someone's mouth, climb down, then let them spit half of said piss into your mouth at which point you both swallow
High school couples are disgusting, I caught two of them drinking the James Anderson Chug Jug while out on a walk last night.
by W-\KE March 7, 2022
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a thique bitch with phat cake. likes fireplaces and taking 15 minutes. he’s also rly pretty 🥺
damn James Thomas Anderson is fucking pretty.

i know right?
by daddylonglegs69420 May 5, 2020
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Alex Dylan James Anderson's are sarcastic creatures only found in dark areas of caves, when found you may find that they are holding a gaming console and in rare cases you may find them holding a Dungeons and Dragons box if you happen to come across them holding such rare item I highly recommend that you run away as fast and as quietly as you can as they have a habit of persuading people to play a "quick" game when in reality it will last for weeks.
Person 1 " I saw an Alex Dylan James Anderson holding a D&D box last weekend"
Person 2" No way man, hope you didn't get to close I heard they are very good at persuading"
by An sarcastic human February 2, 2020
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