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Jamal Joke:

-A Joke That No one Laughs At
-a Disgusting or Just a Stupid joke
-When Someone Repeats What Everyone Heard Two Seconds Ago
-When Someone Laughs As They Are Telling A Joke
-A Joke That Starts With..."Whats The Difference Between" or "What do.........and.........have in common.

So Basically just a crap joke
Joke Teller:
Whats The Difference between Your Mum And A lump of fat? Nothing.

Jamal Joke..................

Joke Teller:

What That Was Funny!!!!!

(remember for it to be a jamal joke the joke teller must think that the joke they are telling is funny, when everyone else thinks its crap)
by Loveittt January 14, 2010
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