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When someone keeps at you or puts you on the spot about doing or committing to something you may or may not want to do and you are not ready to make a decision or just don't feel like it. It gets to jam up level when the 'jammer' keeps pushing regardless of the 'jamee's' reluctance to give an answer when asked, then the 'jammer' continues to jam up when they get the chance. Brings 'bugging you' to an all new level.
"I wish John would not jam me up about going out with him all the time as I have alot going on and really don't have the time, but he keeps asking and makes me feel like I have to justify why I can't."

"You have asked me about the concert five times, don't jam me up, I will let you know when I decide."
by WoodyAZ September 15, 2009
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When somebody fucks up your plan of action with a girl.
Perv:I got a date tonight with Mary Rotten Crotch and you need to get me a dose of that Date Rape drug.
Bro: I gotch you.
Perv:OK,but don't Jam Me Up on this.
by Mojo Maniac July 21, 2008
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