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a unique person just as unique as her name, shes a good friend and would get your back no matter what, she's also a really huge dork and loves to eat alien popcorn babies......yummmm, she also loves tim burton and anything relating to tim burton, i.e. nightmare before christmas, corpse bride, coraline etc. shes also really really short and seems to get shorter every time you see her but the truth is your actually growing and you don't realize it instead you just say that she's getting shorter and you tease her about it, all in all shes a good friend, artist, and someone that you can really connect too. and she might run away at times but you always know that she's going to come back, even if you have to follow her and bring her back sometimes..........
Jalyza, JkP a.k.a. BUDDY!
by DkcU December 29, 2011
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