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Jalysa ~the prettiest girl you’ll meet. Everyone wishes to be her. Has the best body and will steal the show. Everyone looks at her as she walks down the street,hall etc. jalysa is typically short with dark hair. Every guy wants her. She is typically nice just don’t cross her! Jalysa usually gets along with everyone. However most people dont like her due to jealousy.
Everyone jalysa is coming.) LOOK AT JALYSA’S BUTT.) did you watch Jalysa’s snap chat story ?
by YDDDDDD! January 14, 2018
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1) Brown eyes and hair.
2) Fun to talk to.
3) Is a werid person at times.
4) Is Carson's barbie doll.
5) Guys like her, but that is just not right! :P
6) She is a big NOOB.
7) And sometimes a plug!
Jalysa your a noob so go live with Carson.
by Mega NOOB c: January 18, 2011
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