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Developed as a sort of "Friend Shared" meme by Jaliximorph on steam, also coined by the fan created OC Character of the Same name for the Warhammer 40k Universe.

Linked aswell to Vascus Moment which is in the same context, as the two are often featured together.
The situations Jalix finds himself in are usually where against all odds, he completely annihilates everything in his way, while being completely oblivious to what is going on.
*Destroys an Army, while humming to himself*
Vascus: Dude, did you just have another Jalix Moment?
Jalix: *Stops humming* Huh wut?

*Plows through a wall after being called from a different room*

Guy: OVER HERE JALIX, Stop having Jalix Moments.
Jalix: Im not gonna pay for this wall, y'know that right?
by fayulcaek January 09, 2012
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