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Jah-leek (n) (adj)

-Incredibly loud, out-going, good-looking person.

-A person with a weird laugh
-Some one who gets a lot of ass
1. Damn, that girl is such a Jalique

2. She sounds such a Jalique

3. Damn! I wish I was a Jalique!
by Mrs. McAwesome April 12, 2011
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Commonly are handsome males who are typically a mix of two or more races. Jalique’s try to be nice to everyone they meet and have respect towards everyone. Jalique’s are mostly Asexual. Jalique’s are also known for being award winner’s in many categories, but struggle at times. When it comes to being popular Jalique is either at the top of the list or very close to it.
You are so Jalique
by ThroneKeeper April 30, 2019
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