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Cooking with jalepeños and not getting all the juice off your hands, then later that night fingering a woman. It makes her curl up in a ball and just want to die. It's basically like setting her vagina on fire.
John: Dude, last night I accidentally gave Emma a jalepeño popper.

Justin: Oh man, no way! Did she cry? That must have burned so bad!
by Clever Girl February 11, 2013
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A sexual act which begins with the doggy style position. The male is to insert a wad of smokeless tobacco i.e. Skoal, Big Red, etc. With the curvature that the female forms during this sexual act the male then begins to spit on her back. Once a small pool has formed, he then dips his thumb into said pool of tobacco spit, and shoves it up her ass.
by Karate In The Garage April 23, 2011
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