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"Jalbatards" are fans of, "actress", Jessica Alba. They usually consist of vast amounts of males, under the age of 12 to 75. It varies. Jalbatards will usually have Jessica Alba Icons/Avatars/Signatures etc. whenever you see them trolling a forum of some kind, creating spam threads...about Jessica Alba. If you say anything to offend Jalba in anyway, they will attack you almost instantly, saying things like "GTFO n00b jellus fag" etc. The only real way to avoid conflict with the Jalbatard, is to stay away from well known gaming forums, computer tech forums, and anime forums. You will be guaranteed to find Jalbatars lurking in the dark shadows there.
"ORIGINAL POST BY: jessicaalbaistehhotness
wolud yo u hit it??/?
*posts picture of Jessica Alba bending over at the beach*"

"AstroidHunter Says:
Yeah sure, but I prefer a little meat on my bone."

"jessicaalbaistehhotness Says:
FUCK OFF FAGGOOOT n00b basturd yu dont no shit bout her"

"Nirvanix Says:
UHOH, it's a Jalbatard, get a mod, quick!!"
by Slatebait February 08, 2009
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