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A Jalayna is a skin kissed girl who is generous, kind, and beautiful. She will do whatever it takes to make her friends and family as happy as ever! She loves animals! And loves scary movies!
Person one : Man you lucky to have Jalayna she like the hottest and most nicest person I've ever meet!!!

Person two : Ik right she is awesome she just spent the rest of her !money on the animal shelter!!!!!
by Jayy.Hood March 04, 2017
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An Afrocentric, dark-skinned black girl with voluptuous hips and/or booty and full lips. Usually wears hair natural or in braids, very down to Earth, loves Indie music, surrounds herself with gay white guys. She's the image you see when you think of Mother Nature. Claims to be a faithful vegetarian, but secretly desires chitterlings and occasionally eats Big Macs in dark corners by herself. Naturally humorous, easy to love, a faithful friend who never judges.
Person 1: Did you see Jalayna's new hair?
Person 2: No, does she have braids or a fro?
Person 1: Actually, it's both, it's kind of weird...
by Jasylan November 20, 2012
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