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A male of unrivaled intelligence. Kind at heart, but seeks balance in the world even through harsh manners. Not interested in or taken by popular culture. Has a mind free from the shackles and fear of religion; Tender lover, with morals. Hopeless romantic that caters to every whim, unless conflicted with morals; Strong soul searching for a way out of the cage of society.
Leader 1: You know what, we need a Jakwan at this level!

Leader 2: Yeah! A Jakwan could truly change the world!
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Extremely Handsome male. Attracts good vibes and is laid back; Usually very athletic. Best of the Best and destroys all competition. Calm demeanor; Humble in victory; Dedicated to his own craft; Very confident in his own ability.
Jakwan never gets bothered. He always stays calm in difficult times.

When times get hard, Jakwan will find away to come out on top.

Everyone here is too much, Jakwan is just so chilled out. They need to be more like him.
by School of Urban Names June 18, 2018
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