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Jailbreak is a Roblox game which has been widely received as overrated by YouTubers such as Roblox Minnigunner. However, clickbait type YouTubers are using the game everywhere, such as NicsterV using Jailbreak in their titles.
The game itself is based on escaping a prison (as a prisoner) which is super easy or frustrating depending on if the police team likes to camp the outside of the prison. When you get out, you rob stores, banks, or jewelry. To rob a bank, a keycard is required to get to the vault, which you pickpocket from a police officer. As a cop, you need to arrest escaping prisoners or criminals. Pretty self explanatory.
Friend: What do you think about Jailbreak?
Me: I dunno. It’s somewhat boring. When you play Jailbreak (Roblox), all you do is run around as a prisoner and get arrested by cops.
by thewallbro2a June 17, 2018
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