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When your man gets locked up unexpectedly and you are forced to wait on his ass because you love and wanna be with him. you sit around all day long waiting for his calls cuz you miss him and love him. Then.. when he finally calls, all he does is bitch about your life because they think your fucking around or their jealous of the fun your having, or...they jus sit on the other end of the phone and say absolutely FUCK ALL !! The worst part of this curse is when they get mad because you are having a side conversation because they were saying....FUCK ALL !! ( lol ) The second shitty part about this curse is when you send 2-3 letters a week and send pictures because they asked for it, and they take a week or 3 to write you back....ONE!! An those who are cursed with this curse take this shit very seriously!! No one knows why us cursed ones stay with these jail birds , most say that "we should walk away why wait on a man who put himself in there in the first place?" The reason is simple, its because only us cursed ones know who these jail birds are beneath their tough exterior . && we Fucken Love Them !! Hense the Jail Love Curse .
I waited all day for his call , but then he had rec, so he only could talk for 5 mins coz it was someone elses phone time. Then when he called me back , He got real mad coz i was chillen with my bro-mie" I think its this jail love curse...
by DLDJAMtheCursedOnes March 28, 2011
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