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Jaih is the sole surivor of a henious act of malice, his race was wiped out in a war that was omited from history. His race was a peace loving race tha was born as the same time as Homosapiens and Neanderthals that was forced to retreat underground to fight against molemen and ancient demons and dragons. After the Neandethals died out Jaih's race came to the surface to take their place and live in harmony with Homosapiens/Humanity. During the dark ages around the time of the witchcraft was deemed as evil. his kind was seen as inhuman and demonic due to its underground roots. Thus due to their image they were wiped out by mankind and the remnants were forced back underground to live. after 5 centuries 10 returned to the surface but all exept Jaih died shortly after.
Look at that evil guy, he is so Jaih
by Valaer June 19, 2011
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