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Jaiben is a friendly kind hearted person who is always there for you. Whenever he smiles the whole world lights up. He is a very attractive person and has an amazing sense of humour. He is inclusive and gets along with everybody. If your having a bad day he will always be there to cheer you up.
Jaiben has the cutest laugh and the sexiest half smirk. He is respectful and understanding and will always be there if you need him. Any girl who ever gets to have him should never let someone so special like him go.
by 143 <3 June 13, 2012
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The most sweetest cutest guy ever. He is so loving and would be the perfect boyfriend. I love him and I'm so lucky to have him in my life. I love his hair it is the sex. He is defiantly someone you should have in your life. He is truly amazing and sweet
Jaiben is so awesome!
by hey_yo_over_there November 15, 2011
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