Jagnog is a mixture of eggnog and jager pronounced yag - nog. It makes for a great seasonal beverge with a Amazing taste and a high enough alcohol content to get you dickered perfect at Christmas parties but drinkable year round. It is simple to make you just combine the following ingredients in a blender:
One cup of milk.
Two cups of sugar.
A dash of nutmeg.
A dash of cinnamon.
One raw egg.
Add at least two shots of jager then strengthen to your taste. Be careful of how much cinnamon and nutmeg you add or it will not taste good. (Or use store bought eggnog) Continue to drink until you blackout then repeat.
Nicholas was getting drunk on Christmas Eve but he wanted to show some class and be festive to death so he brought a thermos of ice cold jagnog to the party.
by JDansy December 30, 2011
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