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In actuality a term used to define a Diva who is confused both in Love and Terms of firgiveness. Is a Actual person Regional celebrity in the pacific northwest whom I have spent many years observing and following. Yes all famous people have stalkers. Known solely for her impressive porn collection, and uncommon ease in distributing it to the children of the local elementary school districts. While it's clear she gets pleasure from that, we don't understand as a whole what makes her operate, we do know that if you keep a large amount of cookie dough and extra cheese for her macaroni on tap, you might just make it out alive. But most likely not, it's just a kind thought.
Wow she's totally not being herself, What a jaeonce.

Oh my god she break my heart every day, "what does she think she's a jaeonce?"

"Man, I wanna be Once'Dat'Jae" Wow too far
by obviousasfuck February 06, 2010
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