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The most beautiful woman in the world. Who is so very smart and takes no bullshit. She's out for your heart and very honest. When she falls in love you know it's true because her heart is hard to gain. When her trust is broken it's hard to get back but she'll forgive you in the long run. She's extremely faithful and will always have your back no matter what you go through. If you take her for granted then you need your ass kicked because no matter how strong a woman she is she can only take so much. She's down for whatever and doesn't judge your interest. Sarcastic at times but really down to earth. If you find a Jaedin don't ever let her go because that'll be the biggest mistake of your life EVER!
A: I just heard that girls name is Jaedin.

B: We need to go catch her because girls name Jaedin are so rare because they're so awesome!
by Wellerrr445566 October 15, 2011
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Best friend anyone could ask so loyal to all his friends especially his girl. Sexiest man alive most brave and humble person ever if you ever find a Jaedin keep him and fight for him he the best athlete too
OMG its a Jaedin he is so perfect
by Jbyrd1723 November 09, 2018
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